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Copeland selects hardwoods with a long history of sales performance in the North American marketplace. These well established species remain prized and continue to attract top dollar with consumers.


CHERRY offers superior woodworking characteristics. A strong hardwood with a subtle grain pattern add a uniform texture, its color darkens with exposure to sunlight. It is important to understand that exposure to light accelerates the natural oxidization process. An object left on a cherry wood surface for an extended period of time may refrain the aging process in a limited area. Simply remove the object and, over time, the surface will attain a uniform reddish brown color.


MAPLE is a heavy wood characterized by straight grain or clusters of curls (burls). It is highly resistant to abrasion and indentation and the natural color ranges from cream to light brown.


AMERICAN BLACK WALNUT is a dense wood with a uniform to highly figured grain. The color ranges from light gray-brown to dark purplish-brown. Its rich patina deepens with age.


OAK is a dense wood known for its great strength and hardness. The wood is very resistant to insect and fungal attack because of its high tannin content.


​​All pieces are finished with a catalyzed lacquer/varnish that resists stains, moisture rings and spots, heat damage (from hot beverages, etc.), and abrasions. Finishes are formulated to meet Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) standards and provides lasting protection.


Standard finish is GREENGUARD Certified: We use a catalyzed sealer and top coat that is GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions as the default finish option on all of our products. GREENGUARD certification is a testing program of UL (Underwriters Laboratory) focusing on the issue of indoor air quality. Further information about GREENGUARD certification, can be found HERE.

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Natural variations in solid wood and hand-applied finishes make each piece unique. Slight grain and finish irregularities as well as subtle differences in stain shades are signs that the furniture has been crafted from solid wood and are considered hallmarks of quality. Products selected in Soaped Ash display a variegated range of colors from blonde to light brown.

Upholstered items are available in a range of microsuede, fabric or leather color as well as COM.
​Click HERE to download complete list of fiber content, cleaning codes as well as cleaning instructions.


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