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American Leather™ has taken the idea of personalized comfort and transformed it into something truly beautiful with the Comfort Air™ Collection. Designed to move with you, the stunning assortment of recliners comes in both extended, "low leg" base and ultra-sleek "high leg" styles. The high-leg styles are available with matching ottomans, while low-leg styles feature coordinating rocking ottomans to provide the ultimate lounging experience.

"Designed to disrupt relaxation, The Comfort Air by American Leather™ is a revolutionary seating experience customized for how you move. Comfort Air provides a completely individualized way to lounge without restrictions. Whether you prefer to kick your feet up and relax, rock, or recline, the Comfort Air’s weight-balanced mechanism, provides the perfect experience for everyone. Each Comfort Air responds instantly to individualized movement, making this experience the new standard in active seating."



American Leather's Comfort Air collection introduces a truly customizable way to experience comfort. With 11 styles, 3 sizes, 2 mechanisms, and 2 bases with 6 finishes - the possibilities are endless. 

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Comfort Air Testimonials
Mark and Scott Erb Comfort Air


  1. COMFORT AIR PRODUCT TRAINING: Listen and watch Kyli's product presentation

  2. COMFORT TESTIMONIALS: Listen to the opinions of customers who are introduced to the Comfort Air

  3. JEFF WEBER, CO-CREATOR: Go behind the scenes with Comfort Air.

  4. MARK AND SCOTT ERB: Meet the inventors.

*Minimum floor stock presentation of 5 chairs is required for access to the Comfort Air Program*

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