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The Stationary Line is comprised of more than 70 frames including chairs, beds, ottomans, sofas, sectionals, and special collections outside of our innovative or patented programs.


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Classics is a collection of 4 frames (Carson, Kaden, Lisben and Savoy) that all share the same chassis and will sit identically to one another - the difference being their arm and back pillow design. Classics frames come in a variety of options from ottomans to sectionals and include some of the top-selling designs in the American Leather catalog. 


The Elements Collection is comprised of five unique arm styles: Carmet, Cooks, Doran, Estero and Montara. Each of them are available in low and high leg options without changing the seat depth or seat height.  You can also chose other decorative features such as plain boxed cushions, knife edge back, or fully tufted. These frames are an amazing price point in grade 1 fabrics!

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The Metropolis collection is comprised of four frames, all built on the same chassis: Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, and Manhattan.


Each with an elevated sense of style, they incorporate our newest foam construction for both seat and back cushions. This provides exceptional comfort and allows it to maintain a crisp appearance. The modern design allows for a floating appearance on a metal and wood base with a self-wrapped front rail. Metropolis is a sturdy collection featuring lean lines and incredible durability with available contrast stitch and color.

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Build it your way. With so many options to choose from, there's a Personalize piece for everyone.

True to its name, the Personalize collection it is a customizable luxury furniture collection that fits your lifestyle needs. Available in the endless options listed above, we've expanded this category by introducing the new Slope Arm, micro depth seating, and added new frames such as a 75" small scale sofa.

PERSONALIZE SLOPE - Berber Oxblood.jpg
Personalize Arms.png

STEP 1: Arm Style
Grand Track, Petite Track, Rolled, Slope, or Soft Curve

STEP 2: Seat Depth
Micro 34", Studio 38", or Grand 42" overall depth

STEP 3: Configuration
Chair, sofa, sectional, and everything in-between

STEP 4: Number Of Cushions
One, two, or three* (sofa configurations only)

STEP 5: Cushion Fill
Down or Foam cushion fill

STEP 6: Cushion Height
Standard 33" or High-Back 36" overall height

STEP 7: Cover
Choose from 180 leathers and over 300 fabrics

STEP 8: Leg Finish
Choose from 5 metal and wood options

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